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Note: Some of our companies may decide to charge you up to 3.5% for payment processing, this will be highlighted in the investment information Contact us at [email protected] for more information. You must be at least 18 years old to invest.

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Justly Level Playing FIeld
Democratizing Investing

The Pre-IPO market was previously only accessible to the few and wealthy. The landscape is changing. JUSTLY provides the opportunity for anyone to invest in private companies that offer the potential of attractive returns while supporting businesses with a conscious.

No Fees

JUSTLY charges no fees to its investors; however companies who fundraise on the platform, do pay a fee to JUSTLY for its services.

Vetted, Socially Conscious Opportunities

JUSTLY has carefully selected businesses, from start-up to established, based on multiple criteria such as inclusion, sustainability, innovation and potential.

A Member of FINRA

JUSTLY is a broker-dealer and a registered member of FINRA, complying with regulations within the financial industry that ensure investors are protected from potential abuses and unethical conduct.

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Invest in private businesses that could potentially become publicly traded.

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Access to vetted, BIPOC and Women-owned businesses.

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Access to vetted, eco-friendly businesses.

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In addition to being socially conscious, our companies are selected based on their fresh ideas and products.

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Be a part of a community of investors that seeks to help innovative and socially conscious businesses succeed.