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The Creativity Deficit

By February 3, 2022No Comments

Even High-Skilled Jobs are Being Mastered by Robots. The Human Future is in Exploration

“Some things are simultaneously auspicious and ominous. Artificial intelligence (AI) is cast as everything from the key to a technological utopia, to the harbinger of a dystopian nightmare. Promise and threat.

The promise is that AI will free humanity from routine work, allowing us all to engage in more rewarding pursuits. The threat is that AI makes most human labour redundant. Instead of complementing workers, AI substitutes for them.

But that is just one future, one set of choices we might make. There is another future where AI stands not for artificial intelligence, but for augmented intelligence. The overwhelming beneficiaries of augmentation are people doing ‘creative’ labour (non-routine cognitive labour); I call this boost ‘creative complimentary,’ and it applies to engineering and science as much as art or business. Any time you explore the unknown, you engage in creative labour.”

Duke Corporate Education, By Vivienne Ming, December 15, 2022

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Image by Jr Korpa