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The Art of Cutting Carbon

By July 27, 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments

Celebrating New Ways of Reducing C02

Vast amounts of planet-heating carbon dioxide are created during the manufacture of many key materials that support our lives – from paper to plastic. Our environment analyst Roger Harrabin has been exploring new low-carbon technologies which could help cut those emissions. He has enlisted artists to help him tell the story.

Scientists have invented a magical gadget that sucks the ink off printer paper so each sheet can be used 10 times over.

They aim to cut the amount of planet-heating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the paper and pulp industry by reducing demand for office paper.

The trick to the so-called “de-printer” is specially coated paper, which stops ink (or powdered toner) from soaking into the page. A powerful laser then vaporises the ink.

Lead developer, Barak Yekutiely from Reep Technologies in Israel, describes it as circular printing.

Credit: Roger Harrabin, 07/26/22