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Block Trading Desk

Private Equity, Secondary Market Access
Buying and Selling

Let Us Ask…

Did you miss your opportunity to invest in SpaceX, Impossible Foods, or some other late-stage private equity deal?

Did you make an investment in a privately-held company and are ready to liquidate?

Are you compensated with private equity shares from your company and would like to sell them?

Contact Block Trading Desk

JUSTLY offers a solution.

Our experienced Block Desk can help you find natural liquidity. The process is straightforward.

JUSTLY will charge a minimum fee of 5%, to be decided up front, which covers all other fees charged to JUSTLY by a third-party.  There will be no other additional costs to the buyer or seller.

Even though there is no guarantee your order can be completed, the goal will be to close the deal within an agreed-upon, realistic timeframe and updates will be provided to the client on a regular basis.


Send an email to JUSTLY’s Block Trading Desk,
detailing your buying or selling interests


A JUSTLY contact will personally follow-up for additional information

JUSTLY will search for your natural end investor,
either a buyer to your sell, or a seller to your buy

When a match is found, there will be price negotiations on your behalf;
JUSTLY will only act upon your instructions

Once a price is mutually agreed upon, the transaction will take place

* With this Block Trading Desk service, JUSTLY works solely as an agent and does not take any principal positions. *