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Power to the
People and Planet

Show your strength, show your distinctive product offering and show investors how your company benefits people and planet. We’re here to help take the pain out of raising funds. From $100K to $500M, we will connect you with a community of avid supporters and angel investors who are committed to your vision.

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Although fundraising regulations are different based on the offering type, companies looking to fundraise generally should have three partners:

Legal Counsel

Although some offerings do not require legal counsel, having a resource is recommended to help navigate the large number of regulations.

Transfer Agent

Transfer agents help manage your private equity shares and commissions for various marketing resources.

Broker Dealer

A broker dealer helps manage the administrative part of your filings with FINRA and also provides additional marketing resources.

If you need more information about this or want some recommendations, send a short brief to us.

Connect With Engaged Investors

Private companies have limited avenues to promote their products, performance, and or ethical values to help them raise funds.  JUSTLY is one of the leading platforms to help them do that. By providing a framework for companies to showcase their diversity, sustainability and social consciousness, JUSTLY offers access to a growing pool of passionate investors who are ESG supporters on its platform.  They embrace solutions in biotech, energy savings, electric vehicles, sustainable materials, etc – products that make the world the world a better place.

We Take the Pain Out of Raising Capital

Our founder friendly process makes setting up an investment campaign affordable and accessible to all.

Learn more about:

Fee Transparency
There are fees associated with:

  • Broker Dealer of Record
  • Marketing
  • Due Diligence, including AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer)


Review / 1 Week

Strategy Session

Cover Financing Structures (CF, Reg A, Reg D), Target Investor Base, Marketing, and Introduction to Transfer Agent / 1 Week

Sign Agreement

Onboarding, Campaign Organization / 4 to 6 Weeks

Launch Fund Raising Campaign

Timing and Details Covered in Strategy Session / 2 to 6 Months

Campaign Closes

JUSTLY is a Registered Broker-Dealer

JUSTLY is a FINRA registered broker-dealer. Our mission is to assist you in raising capital for your private company. We have an extensive network of investors to draw from in retail, family offices, venture capital companies and institutions.

Additionally, certain states require issuers to work with broker-dealers to offer securities. Working with JUSTLY satisfies this requirement and allows issuers to maintain compliance with the SEC and other regulatory entities. Ensuring issuers are compliant with regulations is essential to a successful round of capital raising. Non-compliance can result in penalties from regulators including returning money raised.

Is my company a good fit?

Our investors are interested in diversity, both socially and across industries. From women-owned businesses, to sustainable businesses, from companies in technology, to those in retail, some are just starting out, others further along in the journey, we work with them all.

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