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Long-Term Corporate Change

By June 30, 2022No Comments

Credit: Jim Block

“If it’s good for the employees; good for the customers; good for the community; and good for the supply chain; it’s generally good for the business, which means it’s good for shareholders.” Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow.

“Shareholder activism” is the term that traditional corporate raiders adopted to make hostile takeovers sound friendlier, while calling for corporate changes to boost their short-term financial returns. The other side of the coin is “shareholder advocacy,” which describes investors advocating to build a better company for all stakeholders by reducing the long-term material risks of corporate actions and their consequences to the environment and society.

One leading organization in this field is As You Sow, a Berkeley, California-based nonprofit founded in 1992 to harness the power of shareholders — groups and individuals — and create lasting change by insisting that corporate leaders address the impacts of their policies and actions that create material risks while also aligning with people and the planet. As You Sow and others believe this is an increasingly relevant pursuit amid an accelerating climate crisis and rising inequality affecting people around the world.

Credit: Christopher Marquis, 06/07/2022