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JUSTLY Presents Annual Dougie Award

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JUSTLY Presents 2022 Dougie Award For Employment

The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism hosts the Dougie Awards each year to recognize outstanding achievements by people with Autism. Aruna Inalsingh, Marketing Lead at JUSTLY, presented this years Dougie Award for Employment to Carrie Hall, in recognition of her work at SAP, where she also leads the company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) board.

JUSTLY is a proud sponsor of TheWorkshop, a live event series organized by the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism that focuses on real world success stories of people with Autism in the workplace. The Workshop highlights the social benefits and business value of increased neurodiversity in the workplace.

Click here to learn more about the The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism.

Video Transcript

so much for tuning in tonight for this um this episode of the dougie awards part two presented by united healthcare

we’re so excited to have you joining whether you’re watching from the flutie foundation’s facebook live youtube or

linkedin welcome to the award show tonight and thank you for watching we’re honored um to give awards to people who

are nominated through the ducky awards who make a difference in the lives of people affected by autism um so tonight

we’re going to present awards to awesome self-advocates parents teachers mentors

organizations anyone basically who is nominated using the hashtag dougie’s award awards hashtag

this is the final round of the dougie awards tonight and we will be presenting seven ducky awards tonight um

these awards were inspired by dougie jr who our foundation is named after and while he cannot talk he is the true

inspiration of the work that we do here at the flutie foundation and he has built a wonderful legacy to help the

autism community um during tonight’s show the winners of the dougie awards will all receive 500

donations to the autism serving organizations of the winners choice this event is only made possible thanks to

the amazing presenting sponsors and our great partners at unitedhealthcare so thank you so much for your generous

sponsorship um tonight we are proud to have the dougie awards hosted by two amazing autism self

advocates who are newly flutie fellows jonathan gardner and cam o’neil so now without further ado i’d like to bring up

jonathan gardner to introduce himself and then cam o’neil will introduce himself so jonathan welcome

thank you hello my name is jonathan gardner i am so excited to be here at the dougie

awards tonight i am 19 years old and i live in east bridgewater with my mom and dad i have one brother named eric i like

video games anime wrestling and advocating i happen to have autism and i am a cancer survivor advocating gives me

such a purpose during the past year i have testified for two bills one was supported decision making

which is an alternative to guardianship the other bill was operation house call which uses families and individuals with

disabilities as the teachers to young medical professionals have my voice be validated has been so

healing to me uh for me excuse me and keeps my vision of helping other people in any way i can

uh going ladies and gentlemen i am happy to introduce you to my friend and the other

co-host of the dougie awards mr cam o’neil i was introduced to cam while i was going uh through my

cancer treatments through his friend doug mr doug guyer and now we are co-hosting the dougie awards together

cam i’m passing the mic over to you now all right thank you jonathan gardner you’re truly an inspiration to all of us

uh thank you for your time hi everyone my name is cameron o’neal i’m ready to rock and roll tonight i’ve got my doug

flutie polo on and i’ve got my uh flewy foundation cup so uh i’m ready to rock

and roll it’s a absolute pleasure and honor to be co-hosting the dougie awards

tonight uh just to tell you a bit about myself i’m 30 years old and i live in

phoenixville pennsylvania with my parents i have two brothers shawn and ryan and i graduated from phoenixville

area high school and montgomery county community college with summa laude honors i work full time and i love being

part of a team and i enjoy games involving strategy too i spread joy and positivity to everyone

that i meet and i met doug guyer through my father they’re both close friends who attended

boston college with doug flutie himself doug guyer invited me to join him and

his team run the doug flutie junior virtual 5k in 2021 and we raised 11 000

for the doug flutie junior foundation for autism i’m extremely proud to share

my voice and story as an ambassador and a future can ambassador of the flutie foundation

i’m passionate about helping others affected by autism live life to the fullest and in order to do that we must

all break down the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding autism in order to fully understand what autism is and how

it affects everyone it feels phenomenal to make a difference each and every day and i’m grateful for

this opportunity to present this year’s 2022 dougie awards

we are so honored to be joined this evening by tim archer from our presenting sponsor united healthcare tim

is the health uh plan ceo for united healthcare’s commercial

business segment across new england we are so grateful for our continued partnership with united healthcare who

work tirelessly to bring quality healthcare to people and communities each and every day tim will be

presenting tonight’s first dougie award promoting independence

thanks thanks jonathan you know jonathan at uhc we have five core values

integrity compassion relationships innovation and performance

but when you hear about these rewards and these recipients you know we really feel compassion and relationship are on

display and they’re here at you know here working tonight you know that’s why we’re here supporting the doug flutie jr

foundation in tonight’s event so therefore it’s my distinct pleasure to present

the next independence dougie award presented by unitedhealthcare this award recipient is a collective

group these young adults are students and thanks to the support of their peers

their teachers and faculty they learn new skills every day to help them live life fully and independently

so congratulations to the students at the bartlett school in haverhill massachusetts for winning a dougie award

for their school thank you so much tim and everyone at unitedhealthcare we actually have a

student here with us today welcome samantha sanford

how does it feel to win a dougie award for bartlett school it feels really great to win five

hundred dollars for our school thank you very much can you introduce yourself and tell us

where you’re from my name is samantha sanford and i am from haverhill massachusetts

what’s your favorite part about going to school knowing that all the teachers work really hard to

make the school great and seeing everyone’s smiling faces

thank you and uh congratulations again to samantha and everyone at bartlett’s

uh school in hay of river oh well

brian why do you nominate our school for the ducky award yeah how does the school help you

do yes how does this school help you i see it

do we teach you anything yes what do we teach you the way

to raise your hand and how to use your voice your voice that’s awesome

thank you so much yeah yeah why do you nominate our school for the

dougie award teachers hi we teach you how to get a job

so what else do we teach you do my work to do your work what else

what do you do in the apartment bed making bed making what else

dog biscuits yeah what else do you guys make what do we sell here

cards what kind of cards mother’s day cards

holiday cards so are we helping you guys for when you’re not in school anymore

no congratulations again

amazing job everyone let’s keep the show on the load literally for the next award

winner i actually will be asking a special guest to help introduce the next award while i’m an avid sports fan

and i’m passionate about being active this person takes it to a whole another level as being the first nascar driver

openly diagnosed with autism check out this award video from autism self-advocate armani williams

hey hello everyone my name is armani williams and i’m a 22 year old nascar driver and autism south advocate

i am all decked out in my racing gear as you can see here with the old ice cold technology shirt my racing helmet right

beside me as i’m about to start my engines for my first face of the season but before i put the pedal to the medal

i am proud to announce the winner of the next ducky award and this award winner is an autism south

african like me who goes above and beyond to make a difference in the autism community this person has a deep

passion for sharing healing drumming from west africa with her students and the autism community

and congratulations victoria boetein on winning a dougie award

keep up the great work and i am pleased to extend my sincerest congratulations

congratulations victoria on your douggie award i want to make a special announcement that this award

show will feature an exciting musical interlude of sequig and sierra june’s new music video tribal so stay tuned

jonathan who do we have up next up next check out this video nomination

[Music] single mother by choice hold it down

handle business full time supporting her daughter who’s autistic just a day in the life even sharing information the

mother daughter blind so strong it’s amazing yeah autism i’m strong

do anything for her baby you know that it’s so amazing yeah autism are strong

everyday autism strong boston what up [Music]

now we actually have boston girl tv here with us today

can you introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from hi um my first name is unique my

platform’s boston girl tv and i am from boston massachusetts

tell us a little bit about why boston tv girl platform has been so important in

sharing ava’s story in connecting with the local autism community

eva has no words she is an eight-year-old with no words when she was diagnosed she didn’t have any words

and i felt that a lot of people put children with no words in the back they don’t stress that

they can do things and i had to be her advocate from day one i also realized

that being a parent of a child with no words can be very isolating and i wanted to show people

that it can be done and that you can be your best advocate for your child and a

therapist when there is no therapist so um my platform on facebook is worldwide and

i get a lot of people from other countries where there are no therapists and i try to

get parents to understand that they can work with their child too it doesn’t necessarily have to be a

doctor especially if there’s no doctor available or therapist available and that we all have to know

our uniqueness of our children with me um i do work with her daily and

this helps me to convey to the teachers and iep in the medical professionals what she can do

like as i said she has no worries but last week she said hello

thank you so much boston tv girl for all you that you do to spread awareness and

exceptions through your social media channel congratulations on your dougie award

thank you i am proud to be a new flutie fellow as

part of the flutie foundation’s ambassador eric ambassador initiative as i like to call it this next guest that i

would like to invite on live is a new flutie fellow too in buffalo new york he is a teacher at the cepa

art gallery and is passionate about photography let’s welcome joseph

polinkars joseph can you introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from my name is

christopher i’m i’m from buffalo new york i’m a teaching artist at super gallery

and um and also a film photographer as well

okay joseph uh can you tell us about your flutie fellowship and your favorite part of teaching at the cepa

my um my my pirate the way that it’s the way that i did not know about flutie

fellowship is that um you know um i was um i always wanted to be a

teacher the whole time and you know until i got the part while i was in um

right in between junior and senior senior high school with which i began teaching as a teaching

assistant when i when i was entering to through high school i had to you know i had to

you know start teaching in a you know completely routine and started up with current kids

which is um you know the kids that were still in school at the time and then by the time in the fall

i um i had to you know shift my gear gears to become become a

teaching artist and my favorite part about teaching at super gallery is that you know

you get to learn new or on all people or old students if they’re new students

we’ll still get together all right joseph what would it mean to you if autism services inc who you

nominated won a dougie award i would be surprised if um if they have

done it um i i i just wanted to say thank i just

wanted to say um you know thank you for your support and you know it means a lot to me in the

last of 14 years um i know 14 years is a long time i think in 2008

i know it’s kind of a long journey from that to from where i am now

well joseph we’re proud to announce that your nomination is a winning nomination for a dougie award

autism services inc is the winner of a dougie award thanks to your nomination congratulations joseph wow thank you

all right so congrats again to joseph and before we head over to the next guest let’s

take a musical intermission i’m pleased to present a music video featuring two flutie fellows c quigg an autistic

rapper and sierra june autistic singer and songwriter sequig recently released

an album young dreamers that features this duet tribal [Music]

sit back baby put your mind at ease be flowing on like the seventies imma take

you higher up than the trees make your life cooler then the sun will breathe

heat it up like it’s 98 degrees how you feel like you’re flying with the birds and the bees just know you’re riding

with c quick and ct the best team in the league

now we got the place feeling tribal everybody here hoping for survival

better make way for my arrival yeah you and i know can’t hide we so tribal now

we got the place feeling tried everybody here hoping for survive

better make way for my arrival that you and i know can’t hide be so

tribal i’ll be spitting all this heat like it’s flammable my show’s heavy going wild

like an animal you can say that it all comes natural and imma have you leave the place saying

it was magical but i had to give it all to my idols who helped lead the way upon my arrival i’m

a girl i’m dreaming hoping to go viral it had this whole place feeling tribal i

don’t need no diamond rings except you i don’t need anything

yes [Music]
[Music] everybody here hoping for survival

better make way for my arrival yeah you and i know can’t hide we so tribal now

we got the place feeling tribe everybody

[Applause] [Music] baby you know how we do do it man

represent stl representing the k k to man you know how it is man


awesome so if you enjoyed that music video of tribal by seaquick and sierra

june make sure you hit like hit share um seaquick and sierra june are actually

some of the performers that will be performing at our upcoming annual rock and race for autism gala so um if you

haven’t purchased your tickets yet there’s still time to buy tickets to our exciting annual fundraising gala that

features a silent auction a live auction and live musical performances by autism self advocates and a very inspiring

mission program that you won’t want to miss and if you attend in person you’ll get to experience celebrity chef paul

wahlberg cooking up his delicious wall burgers right in front of you he’ll be flipping his burgers it’ll be great um

but if you can’t come in person no worries the gal will be streamed on our facebook live just like the ducky awards

so you can tune in from anywhere in the world to see our live program um so all you have to do right now if you want to

come to our gala is text flutie so f-l-u-t-i-e to 243 725 and that will

that link will direct you to buy your tickets or register for the live stream um and i also want to give a special shout

out so if you liked the tribal music video um huge shout out to my colleague alyssa

shanks she’s actually behind the scenes right now she’s running this entire live stream so she’s the reason why our live

streams work she helps seaquick and sierra make that music video come to life so shout out to alyssa and secret

and sierra make sure you follow them on instagram and now i’m going to read some comments from the audience so people are

tuning in um oh that’s my dad brad monroe said everyone’s doing a great job

thank you and cam chris o’neill said awesome job everyone way to go cam shout out to cam and jonathan aren’t they

doing great they’re doing amazing at hosting i can’t believe it make sure you comment how much you love them and how

they’re doing a great job hosting i see a comment come in from kyle grossman kyle grossman is watching all the way

from fresno california so hi kyle thanks so much for tuning in um

and then let’s see what else we have we have barbara finn um commented thank you mr archer for supporting this very

impressive organization hoping other for-profit organizations will follow your lead thank you very much for that

comment we’re very grateful for united healthcare’s generous sponsorship to make the ducky awards possible

um jeff parsons said everyone’s doing great thanks so much jeff appreciate

appreciate the hype um thanks for watching tonight danielle cleaves graziano says jonathan awesome

job your buddy johnny is watching shout out to johnny thanks for watching donnie

um cam khan oh sorry khan said these hosts are killing it and that quick video is fire

i agree that video is amazing you can watch it right now if you want to watch it again go to seaquake’s youtube

channel and it’s right there um so you can definitely watch it again um i think this is gonna be the last comment so

fabian bain said way to go they’re all doing great thank you so much board member fabian bain thanks for watching

and tuning in and then yes okay that’s it for comments but keep them coming in and we’ll read more later um so now i’d like to bring

back up jonathan gardner my co-host for the evening here at flutie headquarters

thank you liz uh congratulations cq in sierra the next nomination is also a

video nomination but before we play the video i want to say that we will be awarding a second tier of dougie awards

well these awards all have been 500 donations to autism serving our

organizations we also uh excuse me we will also be presenting a group of

awards with 250 awards these are winners will be announced

before the final award is presented now check out the next uh video nomination

my name is sam kendri i’m nominating jenny gonzalo because

she is kind helpful and fun i

like life because i love being independent and being with all my friends from life

congratulations jenny uh and everyone at life liz back to you

thank you jonathan i’d now like to introduce a special guest to present our employment specific dougie award aruna

installing marketing lead of justly justly is a fantastic partner of the flutie

foundation and um they are the presenting sponsors of our new live series the workshop the flutie

foundation’s live series that highlights successful employment stories of people with autism and other disabilities as

well as the companies who employ them you may have seen our previous episodes on linkedin and now without further ado

i’d like to bring on aruna hi aruna how are you today hey liz what fun this has been a great show so far congratulations

to you and the rest of the team thank you we’re very grateful for your support at justly um can you tell us a little

bit about what you do at justly oh yeah justly’s an amazing company so we actually are a broker-dealer that

believes in social impact and so we help companies in the private equity space

raise money what we say is the companies that are on our platform are in the esg space which

is environment social impact and corporate governance and what that really means is we we help companies

raise money that are doing the right thing love it that’s amazing um so without

further ado aruna do you want to present the next employment-based dougie award presented by justly

i am so excited to announce the next award winner so basically this person

was hired at sap through an autism at work program

she so now you have a clue made a huge impact not only at work but also by

improving the sap software and her specialty was trying to make software

more accessible to audiences with a wide range of abilities

now a little more information this person is at sap’s headquarters where she’s also a member of the company’s

diversity and inclusion team and she continues to champion the cause of the

importance of accessibility she’s also a founder of a non-profit that focuses on assisting professional

women on the spectrum helping them navigate the the corporate world

so congratulations to drum roll please carrie hall we’re so proud of you today

hello hi um i’m kerry um nice to be here

um uh want me to tell you tell everybody about uh oh there’s quantities there you are

yes please do tell us a little bit about yourself and about this award uh well i i was hired at

scp but seven years ago through the awesome summer work program previous to that

my employment record started to come you know i know periods of time being unemployed get longer longer and longer

and i was diagnosed in my mid-40s i was diagnosed later like many women are

and while at scp i helped run like a women’s autistic women’s group and they

have a great mentoring program but mostly neurotypicals they’re mentoring uh autistic employees whereas i kind of

felt like oh there was a really diverse group like there’s some women there fresh out of college never had a job

before and then there are autistic women that have worked quite a few jobs before coming here there was a lot we could

benefit from each other we all have different life experiences and that’s kind of how autistic women’s alliance

kind of came about uh i started going to conferences start talking to other women they’re also in the field they’re also

autistic and there was really a need for this so um and we’ve been around about two years uh

since 2020 became a 501c3 but two years ago still kind of small um

we have these monthly like virtual chats called virtual coffee chat the next one in june

and um what we’re hoping to do is build and grow to the point where we can bring in but our main thing is of course is

peer mentoring uh that’s that’s going to be the one thing we want to build but we’re now doing like we want to bring in job

coaches and bring in like help with resumes and interviews and stuff like that so um

and that’s their goal eventually wouldn’t be able to do that but right now virtual coffee chats are

probably the most popular thing so amazing thank you so much carrie so can you share it with one piece of

advice or feedback about working and thriving in the corporate world while being on the spectrum

yeah not everybody’s the same and not every corporation’s the same like sfp is a

huge company they’re really big so really that a not everyone

is fit for a corporate environment and that’s okay if you don’t there’s a lot of people that are not in technology

there are a lot of artists out there stuff like that do what you really want to do and be happy doing it that’s really the

best thing i can really say for anybody um you don’t need to be in technology or

whatnot that kind of thing to be happy um i can’t really give like advice on

what’s it like what you need to do in order to work with corporation because they’re all different i mean corporate environment

certain way so i can’t really give that advice because everybody’s different uh every autistic person is different

that kind of thing so um that’s that’s pretty much best i can say

no that’s great thank you so lonnie tashima is actually also here she nominated you for this dougie award and

lonnie ran the boston marathon for our dougie’s team for autism last april so

this past april so lonnie thank you for nominating um carrie can you explain why

submitting this nomination for carrie meant so much to you well thank you so much um i hope you

guys can hear me i’m outside um carrie has made such a difference to me

she was the first person that i actually worked at on a day-to-day basis

that was neurodiverse and i really got to see

how she thinks how she thinks out of the box you know a lot of

people just make assumptions but i have learned so much from her she has been such a great tremendous

contribution to our team um she just she just brings a lot of insight and

and she thinks of things that we don’t even think about and

it was so refreshing for me to have someone coming in that

sorry about that um to be able to work with someone who really helped open my eyes

um and i felt so honored to be able to run the boston marathon with the flutie

foundation this year um and really i ran in honor of carrie because i really felt

to me that she made a difference in my life and getting to know that i can work someone like carrie can work in the

corporate world and be an amazing person i love it thank you so much and i love

this screen right now woman supporting neurodiverse diverse women in the workforce congratulations carrie thank

you lonnie for nominating and justly aruna thank you so much for making this award possible

our pleasure nice to be in such amazing company thanks everyone

awesome and now i’m gonna pass it back to cam all right thank you liz now before we

give the last duggy award we are proud to announce that we will actually be providing 100 donations to everyone who submitted a

dougie award nomination by posting on facebook or instagram or through our direct messages as the rules stated so

not including comments or other platforms we would like to now highlight some of the key nominations who will be

receiving hundred dollar donations to an autism serving organization of their choice

first up we want to highlight bubble dentistry dr ann barrack and her team including dr

andy frazier our great partners to the flutie foundation they provide inclusive care

so that all people including those with autism have access to quality oral care

their practice and team is trained to specialize in serving a neurodiverse clientele thanks to your nomination and

congrats to the team congrats guys next up we want to highlight the next

nomination jenny newman the mother of a ten-year-old non-verbal autistic son who

is the president and founder of heroes this organization hosts programs that desensitize

and prepare uh special need of individuals

and those with autism to appropriately interact with first responders in a fun and stress-free environment she has

trained over 600 first responders as of today congratulations jenny

way to go jenna another nomination we want to highlight is emily groden from california emily is an autism

self-advocate studying journalism psychology and creative writing she is recently a published author of her

memoir i have been buried under years of dust emily is an advocate for herself

and works to dispel the misconception about those who have autism way to go emily

next we want to highlight geo uh trim nominated by wendy

forseka uh check out the picture of g geo surfing with our amazon grant

partner from joe gnome stuff known stuff

uh gnome stuff uh surf provides surf therapy art therapy eco therapy and

yoga therapy to children and families to all abilities on the autistics

down down spectrum and the lgbtq youth way to go geo

next uh you you’ll see all of the names of the dougie award winners scrolling on the screen as i’m talking

congratulations to everyone who submitted a photo or video nomination on facebook or instagram using the hashtag

dougieawards the flutie foundation will reach out to you and to all of the winners to make sure you get

all uh get all a dougie award that your donation goes to the autism serving

charity of your choosing also stay here with me jonathan i don’t know if you can see it but your name is

scrolling and cam i don’t know where you are if you want to pop back on but your name is also scrolling so congratulations to our two co-hosts you

get a dougie you get a hundred dollars of your choice to an autism serving charity um as an award you were both

nominated so congratulations if you see your name scrolling across the screen

awesome thanks jonathan okay so every year we partner with local police departments

for our annual patch fundraising initiative this year over 65 departments

from cities and towns in massachusetts new hampshire and maine have joined the movement during autism acceptance month

during april and have so far raised over forty thousand dollars these funds will go back directly to help people and

families with autism stay safe in their communities while also feeling included and respected in the towns that they

live in so thank you quick shout out to all of the participating departments and officers for your critical work in the

autism community and for joining us for this past month fundraising patch fundraiser um so that

leads into our next award so i’ll bring cam back on to bring our final award well liz that is amazing and incredible

and well done this last award winner is someone who is a leader in promoting inclusion and

acceptance for people with autism he is an officer from the boston police department and volunteers with athletes

who have autism to promote healthy and active lifestyles he also runs a police

athletic league summer program that brings kids with autism on field trips and around the city to work on life

skills congratulations to officer tim wilson for winning a dougie award tim

congratulations can you introduce hi guys couldn’t be happy to be and you

guys have done a great job my name is officer tim wilson i work for the boston police department and i’m from dorchester

well thank you so much for everything you do for our community um what does it mean to you to win a dougie award

it’s it truly is humbling um i could i wouldn’t be able to do what i do without my people at the boys and girls club uh

the police department’s been very supportive of everything that we do as well so just very very excited

we’re all excited for you tim and uh what’s your favorite part about volunteering and making a difference

the kids that i get to work with are incredible top to bottom i i never know what works gonna be like and the

programs that we have going on now the martin richard youth foundation like we we just have we get we get to where

we’re going and we just have such a great time um seeing what it does to the families and the youth is it’s it’s so worth it

well thank you again tim thank you guys so much for having me

awesome and now we’re actually going to show some photos of your nomination officer wilson um of you actually

volunteering with the boys and girls club of dorchester i mean we’re really grateful for your department the boston

police department we’ve worked with officer michelle mafeo who works to promote inclusion and acceptance within

the community that you serve and we’ve partnered with boston police department to host summer events for families with autism and to provide christmas presents

to autism families during the holidays so we’re really grateful for your partnership and for your work congratulations

thanks again so much officer mafeo is the best couldn’t couldn’t do what i do without her help

yes we’re big fans of officer mafeo so shout out okay so now this concludes our um ducky

awards part two presented by united healthcare so we’ll bring cam back on um

bring our two hosts back on so thank you cam and jonathan for being amazing hosts tonight

thank you yeah thank you for having me it’s been an absolute pleasure i love learning about new people and their

experiences and uh yeah keep up the hard work everybody and then just a little teaser i know i

shared about the gala which you should all definitely go and register for the live stream or buy tickets now but you

will see jonathan cam next at the flutie 5k for autism so follow our social media

stay tuned both of them are huge parts of our fluidity for autism and they’ll definitely be more involved you’ll see

them on social media so stay tuned and congratulations to all of the dougie award winners

thank you guys