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JUSTLY & KoreConx Celebrate Partnership

By April 14, 2022No Comments

Webinar to Focus on ESG Investing

Paul Karrlsson-Willis, CEO of JUSTLY Markets, highlights the partnership: “We are delighted to be part of this trusted ecosystem and the All-In-One Platform. Companies that raise money through JUSTLY have the benefit of working with our capital markets team to structure the best deal that suits their needs, and to find investors, whether they are retail, accredited or institutional. We also appreciate the education that the KoreSummits bring. With these free events, we educate issuers, as well as novice, accredited, and institutional investors, helping them better understand and mitigate risk in the private equity space.”

On Tuesday, April 19, 12 PM ET, Peter Daneyko, CRO at KoreConX and Karrlsson-Willis will be live on KoreConX’s LinkedIn Page to talk about ESG, misconceptions and evolutions of the area, which has become much more a social aspect recently. “With a combination of expert professionals and beginners inside, both new and old companies must adapt to this new public-driven demand of environmental, social responsibility and governance,” adds Daneyko.

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