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JUSTLY Attends CaddyHack Charity Golf Event

By August 24, 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments

Garrett Hale of JUSTLY Attends CaddyShack Golf Event with JouleCase CEO James Wagoner

JUSTLY Director of Investments Garrett Hale with Joule Case CEO James Wagoner

Gas-Powered Generators Powering Other Components of the Event

Garrett Hale of Justly Markets and current client James Wagoner, CEO & Co-Founder at Joule Case –  recently participated in the CaddyHack Golf Festival & Gala that supported the Boys to Men Mentoring group. The golf event showcased 20+ local bands playing throughout the course using dirty, smelly gas powered generators… except for ONE… the Joule Case electric generator powered the Pechanga Arena San Diego DJ Stage with ‘clean, quit power’ throughout the event.

Learn more about Joule Case clean generator power here.  Huge thank you to Ernie Hahn and Joe Sigurdson for letting Joule Case provide the first clean, quit generator for this amazing event! Joule Case hopes to power the entire event next year and working closely with the Dream Hahn Team to soon power The Wonderbus and other music events with Joule Case generators!