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JUSTLY Partners with Doug Flutie Foundation

By March 10, 2022July 7th, 2022No Comments

JUSTLY Announced as Presenting Sponsor of “The Workshop”

The Doug Flutie Jr., Foundation for Autism, a leading non-profit in the Autism community, announced it has developed a new live streaming series “The Workshop” available on the organization’s LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube channels. JUSTLY will be the presenting sponsor of the series, which will be hosted by autism self-advocates, and will feature deep dive conversations about navigating employment, life and adulthood on the spectrum.

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Video Transcript


wasn’t hired

as the actor in the film because he was

on the spectrum

his parents his mother his father they

allowed him

to fulfill his dream of becoming an


and he’s a very good actor

and major

audition for the role just like all the


boys who came in and auditioned for the

role and as a matter of fact

we meaning the casting director lisa

hamill and myself as the

writer director of the picture were


of his

autism the fact that he was on the

spectrum we didn’t know that all we knew

and what we experienced


a young man

very prepared to audition for a very

special role and he did a great job and

that’s how we got the role