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Just Like Supporting a Bro

By February 15, 2022No Comments

Women NFT Artists Want to Bring Equity to Web3

“Fame Lady Squad (FLS) announced themselves as an artist collective of three women stepping into the NFT space in early July 2021. They planned to sell 8,888 of their “ladies”: avatars with blue skin or vibrant, green hair or others that—in the grand internet tradition—shot lasers from their eyes or had flashy tattoos. It was, FLS claimed, the “first female avatar project of all time.” The project caught the eye of NFT collectors who were drawn to its Bored Apes does women’s empowerment vibes, selling roughly $1.5 million worth of avatars in just weeks. But the feel-good, women-led project had a big problem: The artists, Cindy, Kelda, and Andrea from the United States and Norway, were really three men from Russia, programmers and developers who went by “Max R,” “D Mefi,” and “John Russo.””

Morning Brew, by Amanda Hoover, 01/20/22

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