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The Power To Do

Joule Case provides power where you need it when you need it, with modular, patented battery systems that quickly scale for live events, food trucks, and various other commercial and residential applications. Temporary power can be noisy, dirty, and expensive. We provide simple, silent, clean, and economic scales to fit specific energy/power needs.

*For Accredited Investors Only

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About Us

Discover what’s possible with the world’s best battery system.

  • Simple, silent, clean, and economical
  • Scales to fit specific energy/power needs
  • Replace large diesel generators​
  • Reliable solution when power is critical
  • Simple Home Grid Connection Cord​
  • Grid-scale Portable Battery Systems​
  • Stickability to fit specific energy/power needs​
Investor Brief
  • Reg D Offerings (Regulations Definitions)
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Company Raise: $5,000,000