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Jet Fuel From Water, CO2 and Sunlight

By July 25, 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments

Credit: Matt Artz on Unsplash 

"With our solar technology, we have shown that we can produce synthetic kerosene from water and CO2 instead of deriving it from fossil fuels" -Aldo Steinfeld

Scientists in Switzerland say they’ve figured out how to make jet fuel from nothing more than water, carbon dioxide and sunlight.

New research published in the journal Joule this week explains how the team built a solar tower to handle the entire process. The tower uses solar energy to produce synthetic alternative fuels instead of ones derived from fossil fuels. The kerosene the solar tower makes is supposedly ready for normal use in aviation, including storage and flying — which, given the sky-high carbon footprint of air travel, is an extremely intriguing proposition.

Credit: Lonnie Lee Hood, 07/23/22