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James Lovelock

By July 28, 2022No Comments

Credit: PA Media

British scientist James Lovelock, who devoted his life to the global green movement, has died on his 103rd birthday, his family has said.

His 1960s Gaia theory found that Earth, from rocks to air, was one huge interconnected and self-regulating system.

His work formed the basis of much of climate science.

And he had warned climate change could be a tipping point for the planet.

But his support for nuclear energy and for fracking attracted criticism from other environmentalists.

Working for Nasa in the 1960s, Lovelock had what he called a Eureka moment when he realised living things had a profound impact on the environment around them.

This led to the radical idea everything on Earth, from oceans to every living organism, was a living, connected system.

Credit: BBC News, 07/27/22