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Innovation for a Cleaner World

By June 22, 2022No Comments

Credit: 9Fiber

For the hundreds of millions of people who want to know what they’re eating, wearing or sitting on, 9FIBER is adding a layer of transparency to the U.S. market that doesn’t currently exist.

9FIBER is working towards reducing the dependency on petrol-based products and exploiting virgin forests by providing hemp-based, organic materials for end products.

It’s hard to explain or visualize how an end product of discarded hemp is recycled.

Over 300 million people in the U.S. interact with products made with virgin forest wood pulp and petroleum-based additives multiple times a day. These additives are used in many processes, including stabilizers, thickeners and filler. Most people are entirely unaware of the additives in their products and have little idea as to why they are needed. Currently, U.S. labels do not require products to list all ingredients or additives in volume.

Credit: Carol Kahn, 05/17/2022