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In Discussion with KoreConX

By May 16, 2022August 29th, 2022No Comments

JUSTLY CEO Paul Karrlsson-Willis discusses impact investing in private equity

Paul Karrlsson-Willis, CEO of JUSTLY, met with Peter Daneyko, CRO of KoreConX, to discuss the evolving market landscape in private equity, and the dynamics of JUSTLY’s niche in impact investing.

Video Transcript

as you said esg’s been around now for


15 maybe even 20 years

um in various forms and in various ways

people have looked at it

um but the investors over the last 10

years as as you know have really started

pushing towards

um re-looking at what values are and how


evaluate a company in the old days it

used to be risk and return

now it’s risk return


and that impact is

in the e on the environmental side as on

the social side and g for governance

and um i think we’re seeing more and

more of a push in that there’s more and

more companies out there non-profits

like as you saw like b corp labs or b

lab should i say

um that are evaluating and finding


uh to actually uh evaluate these

companies uh now and i think that’s the

exciting thing that we’re slowly getting

into that position to be able to put

criteria and evaluation around around

these companies