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Improving Patient Comfort, One Dental Injection at a Time

By September 21, 2022No Comments

How Balanced Pharma is Improving Patient Comfort, One Dental Injection at a Time

Credit: Balanced Pharma

Balanced Pharma aims to improve patient comfort by providing a fast-acting, reliable and painless dental anesthetic injection. With solutions that work right away, dentists are saved valuable time, and patients experience reduced injection pain.

Founded by Dr. Scott Keadle, a dentist for over 30 years, Balanced Pharma’s patented technology enables pH-balanced versions of the most common local anesthetics using a standard syringe and protocol. Dental injections are often unnecessarily painful and slow-acting, in part due to traditional local anesthetic pH being over 25,000 times more acidic than human tissue with a delayed anesthetic effect. This leads to uncomfortable patients and inefficient use of time and money.

Balanced Pharma offers dentists and patients a more efficient, reliable and painless solution. Libracaine® Dental is the first and only pH-balanced dental anesthetic and comes in the convenience of a standard dental cartridge. With a 505(b)(2) abbreviated FDA regulatory pathway, Libracaine® is a pH-balanced version of the most common dentistry anesthetic. The patented technology offers the same safety profile and 24-month shelf life without requiring dentists to adapt to new equipment or protocols.

Led by a team committed to patient excellence and comfort, founder John Scott Keadle, Chairman and CEO, brings 30+ years as a dentist, practice owner and business executive. The company is also guided by John Selig, Board Director and Managing Partner at WaveEdge Capital, with 25+ years in life science investment banking and M&A practice, and Mark Sebree, Board Director and Chief Development Officer with 35+ years of experience establishing and implementing strategy in the pharmaceutical industry. During the company’s early inception, Dr. Keadle presented the opportunity to a group of dentists who invested over $1 million to help fund Balanced Pharma Incorporated (BPI).

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