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Highlights From American Flag Football League

By April 21, 2022July 7th, 2022No Comments

AFFL Top Plays: Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco, & More!

The American Flag Football League (AFFL) is a professional flag football organization in the United States. The AFFL taps into the energy of one of the fastest-growing sports in America. They offer youth and women’s competition, and in 2023, plan to launch a men’s professional division. This is the 1st time a true professional sports structure enters the flag football space!

The AFFL is currently raising capital for its expansion through JUSTLY’s crowdfunding portal.

Video Transcript

he’s gonna air it out and go deep he’s

got a receiver and it’s caught for the

touchdown what a catch by

t.j glover dobbs two of four on that


pass intercepted by miller he stepped

right in front of camouche and he gets

the interception great awareness there

by steven wiggs miller this is great

quarterback or cornerback play he played

off coverage never backed up and drove

on that slant by carmouche

did they get the play off

bush thinks so

contact in the end zone the pass is

caught for the touchdown

by carmouche what a catch by carmouche

charles carmouche the former lsu

basketball player

over stephen miller

beautiful throw beautiful catch

carmouche left foot

down does he get a toe drag

fourth and goal they bring a two-man

blitz to the back of the engine and what

a catch by bunting let’s get it

let’s go i’m gonna eat all day man

there’s nothing terrance this is what

i’m doing you’re gonna see bunting come

the left side of your screen just inside

releases get inside that defender

go up one hand secure the catch get both

feet down the ball placement’s perfect

third and three

dodges gonna go up top over throws his

man and it’s intercepted

that’s a bliss that’s a

wide open oh what a move by carmouche

this is going to be a seven point


75 yards


michael vick said yesterday i want to

feel my way into this

each of the pro teams has to have two

non-nfl players and vic goes back across

the field and what a catch there by

jared boykin to be honest we don’t even

know what we’re good at so we’ve got to

figure our way through this a little bit

i think you’re seeing that johnson going

deep and he’s got the touchdown

playing these rules if it’ll be

different here’s a blitz

on vick

vick zips it

you know they’re calling it a touchdown

still elusive enough to get away from

the pressure

arm strength been on display all night

already giving the defense a lot to look

at the flag is off then it just becomes


johnson with a heck of a throw and ross

is in for the touchdown

the pro guys are used to that clock

stopping on an incomplete pass

that wasn’t the case

fix gonna run with it but they’re gonna

run out of time in the half

they don’t get

what a throw by dixon and what a catch

by ross for the two-point conversion


deep ball and he’s got an open receiver

for the touchdown fourth and 13. they

blitz him

vic to the middle passes

deflected and intercepted

and they finally get the flag

off duke ionacho

they’re going to come away with a really

nice win


oh they didn’t get the flag

they’re not bad at

fred jackson has the first down they

don’t get the flag and he’s in for the


you have to have a specific plan to

score points down here

third and goal it goes to the back of

the end zone did he get the feed in yes


darnell jenkins

france has decided to go for a one point

looks like a good catch at the five yard

line a little double move

on cat for the touchdown

blitz comes

how about this

by taylor

a great opportunity for them to take a

shot since they only need three yards

for a first down next play and that’s

what they’re thinking there’s the shot

downfield and it’s intercepted frankie

solomon doing a nice job splitting both

receivers playing as a high safety

they don’t instead they go up top

instead and completing it for the

touchdown is drew terry

they blitz franklin

back in the end zone and he gets the


to jarvis johnson


martial is going to just throw it up and

it’s intercepted

by anthony webb


solomon on the lateral

second-round draft pick of the panthers

in 2010.

the handoff turns off the go clock

clausen with the deep throw

he under through it but it’s still


look at the size of prader to go up

why is that second and goal from the 18.

boyd to the end zone and it’s caught for


to austin pettis

of putting enough air on the ball up

over the defender

wallace to the end zone throws the

touchdown to ivan

second and four wow what a pass up the

seam to avon

and everybody gets a chance to touch the

football which is always fun

first and 19. taj boyd’s trying to deep

ball and he’s intercepted again saw

frank today he’s having a

great time doing this

double blitz on wallace

gets away from owens and wallace scores


we’ve talked about his speed all night

but this is impressive

the full extension coming from

on the ground and then to tuck it into

his body

great job of seneca giving him a chance

but that is impressive

hand-eye coordination and body control

by javid best


nice throwing catch nate robinson gets a

catch on offense

still showing some vertical

man that’s impressive