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Future of Clean Water

By August 2, 2022No Comments

Credit: Glanris

“We’re taking an agricultural waste product... and turning it into something you can use again and again.” -Eagle, CEO of Glanris

Production of a material that will shape the future of clean water and reduce carbon emissions is happening in a 60,000-square-foot building in an industrial park in Olive Branch. At least that’s what local startup Glanris is hoping.

President and CEO Bryan Eagle knows it’s a big goal. But everyone needs to do something to try to change the world, he said.

“We’re running out of water… we’re past the tipping point where there are too many people and not enough fresh water,” Eagle said.

Water is a renewable resource. But global demand is quickly outpacing the rate at which aquifers and other fresh water sources renew. That’s why they’re doing this, to mitigate that problem. Glanris buys rice hulls — 20% of the weight of a rice harvest which has to be removed before the rice is eaten — and turns it into a water-filtrating activated carbon.

Credit: Corinne S Kennedy, 09/08/21