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Geothermal Energy
for Everyone

CeraPhi is on a mission to decarbonize baseload energy sources through a one-to-one energy transition solution. The Company is tapping into experience gained from years of Oil & Gas production to unlock more than six billion years of energy stored under our feet.

With millions of Oil and Gas wells drilled around the globe, we know that heat is everywhere, and the deeper you go, the hotter it gets.

*For Accredited Investors Only

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About Us

Geothermal Energy is the cleanest, cheapest and most efficient baseload 24/7 energy.

  • Commercial Proof with Low Exploration Risk
  • No Fracking Required
  • No Reservoir Required
  • Low Running Costs
Investor Brief
  • Reg D Offerings (Regulations Definitions)
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Company Raise: $15,000,000