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The Ultra-Premium Vodka Experience

By September 14, 2022October 6th, 2022No Comments

Amnisia Spirits Elevates The Ultra-Premium Vodka Experience

Credit: Amnisia Spirit Company

There’s a new player in the ultra-luxury vodka market, Amnisia Spirits. Amnisia Spirits is taking premium vodka to the next level by striving to provide one of the world’s highest-quality and best-tasting sipping vodkas that will be accessible to all vodka aficionados.

With a fresh perspective in the spirits category, Amnisia Spirits is entering the market as a high-end brand in the $39 billion vodka industry. The company is transforming modern quality standards through its meticulous production process resulting in products that match competitors in the highest tier, featuring ultra-luxury packaging for a premium sipping experience. 

Guided by an all-star advisory board with diverse expertise ranging from the beverage alcohol industry and investment banking to former professional athletes and sports management executives, Amnisia is positioned for strong and sustainable growth as the brand strives to revolutionize the vodka industry. The company-owned direct distribution team and initial investors consist of celebrities, influencers, professional athletes and coaches. This support aligns Amnisia for optimal product promotion at a time when the distilled spirits marketplace is achieving continued growth, with industry drivers including market premiumization, a booming ready-to-drink segment and increasing popularity of high-quality craft spirits. Vodka is the most successfully sold spirit in the world today, with a projected industry-wide growth of over 40% from 2021 to 2025. (Statista, 2022)

 Amnisia Spirits is crafted from high-quality, carefully selected organic Polish grains, sourced from one local agricultural partner to ensure 100% traceability. The company’s unique 6/9 system provides the vodka with six-time distillation, nine-time filtration and an oxygenation process to ensure the best possible delicate flavor. Prepared in small batches and distilled at a family-owned distillery in Poland, the production is closely monitored and regulated by the Polish Vodka Association, an organization dedicated to protecting the tradition and values associated with the Polish spirits industry.  

The company has a long-term capital funding strategy to facilitate future growth, with the goal of building increased brand awareness and US distribution.

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