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Accelerating the EV Industry

By May 10, 2022No Comments

Kilows CEO John Strisower Wants to Accelerate the Electric Vehicle Industry

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more common than ever, but the road to mass adoption is long and winding. Seemingly every day there are more EVs on the road, more manufacturers developing new models, EV startups announcing IPOs, and celebrity-status CEOs making Twitter headlines. And, as the conversation about climate change, sustainability, and consumer responsibility become increasingly important, EVs have a critical role to play in reducing fossil fuel consumption and humanity’s carbon footprint.

But before EVs can fulfill that role, there are a few challenges the industry must overcome. Initially, the largest barrier to mass adoption of EVs was a high price point, which made them cost-prohibitive to many motorists. And while prices currently remain prohibitive to many, the future could hold more affordable EVs that would reduce barriers for many. GM and Honda, for example, have announced their intention to introduce EVs costing $30,000 or less within the next five years.

Unfortunately, even as costs decline, one major barrier to entry remains, thus far, unaddressed: lightning-fast charging

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