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About Beam

By July 25, 2022No Comments

Credit: iNews

30 second interview: The tech CEO who built a crowdfunding platform for homeless people. Beam allows anyone to connect with and fund a homeless person’s future.

How did the business start?

Alex Stephany, founder of Beam, said: “Five years ago, I got to know a homeless man outside my local Tube station in North London. I’d buy him cups of coffee and pairs of socks when it was getting cold. At one point, he disappeared for weeks on end. When he reappeared, he looked years older: he told me he’d had a heart attack and had just come out of hospital. For all the well-meaning gestures from myself and no doubt others, he was in a worse position than ever.

“So I began to ask myself what it would take to make a lasting difference to this man’s life. For me, the answer lay in empowering him with the skills, confidence and support needed to sustainably support himself. Of course, that would cost far more than coffees or socks – but what if everyone chipped in?”

Credit: iNews, 06/05/22