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We think beyond profit and dividends. We think about how the investments made today shape the future of our planet. We are connecting engaged investors and passionate founders who care about social responsibility and building thriving businesses.

Curated Investments

Our experienced team curates vetted investment opportunities with strong-growth potential that have passed our rigorous screening process and meet our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards. These businesses are either minority owned, women owned or have a focus on sustainability, to name a few categories we select for.

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Building a Global Community

We provide more for our companies than just raising capital. We are creating lasting relationships between businesses and their passionate supporters. Our community is aligned in the common mission of building strong businesses while putting the well-being of people and planet at the forefront.

We Believe in a Diverse Portfolio

Sometimes we find great investment opportunities, brimming with innovation and the potential for high-returns, that may not meet our stringent ESG criteria. Because we never pass a potential unicorn by, we still offer these opportunities on our platform. And, in keeping with our mission of always making a positive impact, we will donate 20% of the net revenue generated by these deals to As You Sow.

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